EPDM Rubber Membrane Flat Roofing

You may have heard about EDPM, or rubber sheet flat roofing customers can benefit from the professional services offered by Robert Pearce Roofing, your approved local installer of this increasingly popular option.

What is EPDM Rubber Membrane Roofing?

It stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, a synthetic sheet rubber membrane that is a durable, hard-wearing and leak-resistant option for flat roofs.

Why Should I Choose EPDM?

  • Proven 50 year life expectancy for all types of flat roofs
  • Repels all moisture – snow and rain
  • Won’t tear, split or crack
  • A neat, tidy finish and durable enough to walk on
  • Ultra violet and ozone resistant
  • Safe to install – no heat or flame used
  • Guaranteed to last 20 years
  • Over 1 billion square metres installed world wide
  • Can be overlaid with many different finishes – paving slabs, timber or plastic decking, green roofs etc
  • As an approved contractor, Robert Pearce Roofing is trained to install RubberBond EPDM to the highest
  • standards